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The Law Offices of H.A. Rodriguez, P.A. is Your Florida Firm! 


It is a fact that no two cases are the same.  Each case is a unique story that must be developed and advanced.  Your case is unique.  Your opponent wants to rewrite your story in a way that fits his/her legal theory.  I have the experience and skills to disrupt their efforts and take apart their case, whether by expert or lay witness.  I will leave no stone unturned and champion your cause.

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Hugo A. Rodriguez, Esq.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I received my bachelor's degree from Florida State University in 1993. I later received my Juris Doctorate degree from New York Law School in Manhattan, New York.  In 2001, I became licensed by the Florida Bar to practice law in all county, circuit and district courts.   I am a member of the American Bar Association and of the Broward Hispanic Bar Association.

I began my legal profession litigating medical malpractice and commercial cases that ultimately resulted in millions of dollars recovered.  When I expanded my practice to Criminal and Family law, I took advantage of the litigation skills that I had developed in the complex world of medical malpractice and commercial litigation.  I have since successfully defended over a hundred cases in traffic and criminal offenses throughout the State of Florida. I have also handled many Family law matters, including child dependency, support, dissolution of marriage and modification.

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